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Sacramento DSA 2018 Endorsements - Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento

May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018 20:47

On April 29th the Sacramento DSA general membership engaged in 8 hours of candidate interviews and deliberation of electoral strategy. The end result is a slate of four candidates that reflect the values of the chapter and that we believe will make strides toward the democratic socialist world we want to create.

Gayle McLaughlin

DSA Sacramento is proud to join DSA National and 10 other local DSA chapters throughout California in endorsing Gayle McLaughlin for Lieutenant Governor. Gayle is running as a open socialist, has years of experience governing as the Mayor of Richmond, and has played an integral role in building the Richmond Progressive Alliance. During her time in Richmond, she helped implement rent control, increase the minimum wage to $15, oppose local jail construction, and force local oil giant Chevron to pay more in taxes. Her platform as Lieutenant Governor includes a variety of positions that would help create a more socialist future in our state, including single-payer Medicare for All, free college for Californians, building more affordable housing, implementing a millionaire’s tax, and creating a statewide public bank.

View Gayle McLaughlin’s Platform

Phil Kim

Phillip Kim is knowledgeable, experienced, and a candidate for the working class.  He worked closely and fought vigorously with his union at Thunder Valley Casino for seven years. Later he was an active member of the Bernie Sanders campaign. As an organizer for the California Nurses Association he has been on the front lines fighting for universal healthcare.  He has been a vocal critic of corporate democrats such as Anthony Rendon who is responsible for shelving S.B. 562. Phillip Kim also chairs the Healthcare Committee for Sacramento DSA. Phillip Kim is pro labor, supports Medicare for all, and is an active DSA member. This is why Sacramento DSA has endorsed Phillip Kim for California State Senator of District 4.

Visit Phil Kim’s Campaign Page

Rachelanne Vander Werf

Rachelanne Vander Werf, known to her friends and colleagues as “Rae,”  is an environmental scientist and community activist who has a passion for environmental justice, equitable housing, and sustainable urban habitat. Rae specializes in environmental policy and water resource management, making her uniquely qualified for the American River Flood Control District Trusteeship. From a practical standpoint, Rae has the necessary technical knowledge to ensure the safety of Sacramento’s levees.

From an idealistic standpoint, Rae consistently demonstrates her commitment to achieving dignified outcomes for all community members. As an active member of DSA Sacramento, Rae has served as chair of the Housing Committee where she helped launch our campaign for rent control in the City of Sacramento. Previous to that, Rae worked in various capacities for affordable housing and rapid re-housing campaigns. Rae demonstrates how environmental justice and housing justice are two complementary components of a greater fight for improved public health and equity.

Rae has proven herself to be a loyal adherent to the mantra “people over profit” and DSA Sacramento is confident that she will represent our values in office.

View Rachelanne Vander Werf’s Platform

Tristan Brown

Tristan Brown works for the California Federation of Teachers as an advocate for working families. He supports a major priority for Sacramento DSA - rent control - and actively works to make it a reality. Tristan is proposing bold policy ideas, including the creation of a public bank for the City of Sacramento. He expressed comfort with the possibility of being the most progressive City Councilmember if elected, and says that while he may be the lone dissenting vote at times, he wants to use this position to be the “squeaky wheel” and bring attention to leftist perspectives and ideas.

Responding to his endorsement, Tristan stated, “I’m really honored, because DSA represents common people looking for solutions to our common problems.” He stated he’s most excited to work with Sacramento DSA on creating more affordable housing in the city. “Sacramento is at a time where we can go in a really great direction for everyone, or a crappy direction for the few. I’m looking forward to bringing progressive and socialist reforms here locally.” Sacramento DSA is proud to endorse Tristan Brown.

View Tristan Brown’s Platform

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