50th Stonewall Riots Pride Action

June 9, 2019

From the Facebook Event Page:


When: Pride Sunday in Sacramento, June 9th 2019.

Where: Capitol Mall (entrance)

Why: To honor the radical roots of the Stonewall Inn Riots. To reclaim our queerness. To show up against cops and corporations who have taken and co-opted PRIDE from us.

On the early morning of June 28th, 1969 at a local mafia owned and operated queer bar named Stonewall Inn, police officers came in their paddy wagons and raided the bar to beat, brutalize, humiliate and incarcerate the LGBTQ patrons. This is a common thing for police officers back in those days like today, to subjugate queer and poor people. There were laws that criminalized queer people from dressing and expressing themselves authentically such as New York City’s “only three article of clothing” of the ‘opposite’ gender laws. It had only been a couple of nights ago that the famous Judy Garland was laid to rest that most of the community in New York City was in mourning the loss of a great queer legend. Even though there had been uprisings prior to the Stonewall Inn event, like the Compton Cafeteria Riots in the tenderloin district of San Francisco a couple of years prior and the Black Cat in Los Angeles, this one would be a pivot moment for the queer community because of the days riot that shook the rest of the world. This event led the closeted people in the United States to come out of hiding and hit the streets to demand justice and basic human rights to survive without persecution, discrimination and state violence. They rioted in the Greenwich Village streets for days and the uprising sparked our community to mobilize and hit the streets, demanding a piece of the pie.

It has been 50 years since that fateful night on June 28th, 1969 when our queer elders fought back against the police state that beat, brutalized, humiliated and incarcerated our own; black and brown queer people that got most of the violence sparked the biggest uprising and rioted against the state oppressors for days on end. This crucial and pivotal moment sparked the subterranean fire from our queer community to the surface and brought forth many different political organizations to the forefront and to the streets for decades. Since then, we have seen the rise of mass incarceration within the United States against queer peoples while our rights have been systematically ripped from us yet most of the non-profit organizations have not directly focused nor acknowledge these real political issues within our communities. A celebration is necessary but what are we celebrating?


When: June 9, 2019, 11:00am - 2:00pm
Where: Capitol Mall (entrance)
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