Sacramento DSA is the chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America that covers the Sacramento region. Whether we’re rallying against ICE, hosting socialist reading groups, qualifying rent control control on the March 2020 Sacramento ballot, or demanding public ownership of our power grid we have dozens of projects that you can take part in today!

We are funded and managed by our members. Our chapter structure consists of an Executive Board made up of seven elected officers and numerous Committees focused on various types of work both internal and external. We also have a yearly Local Convention where we vote on resolutions and go over our Chapter Report. You can find Sacramento DSA’s organizational chart here.

The simplest way to get involved is to check our calendar or your email for the monthly newsletter and attend any meeting or event that strikes your interest. Be sure to add newsletter@sacdsa.org to your contacts, and drag any emails from us in your “Promotions” or “Spam” folders to your main inbox to make sure you get them every week!

You can also stay in the loop by checking out our blog.

Let today be the day you get involved and build the power to win the world we need.

Committees, where the work happens About DSA, learn about our organization