Where the work happens

Sacramento DSA has many committees engaged in the important work of the chapter, addressing the needs of the community and allowing the members to work on issues that are important to them.

Ecosocialist Committee

The eco-socialist committee aims to aid in the transformation of our society to one that acknowledges and atones for the damages done by capitalism to our environment, while addressing the fact that environmental damages have perpetuated the oppression of marginalized communities, like people of color. Chief among those damages is climate change, which ecosocialism aims to address through efforts such as divestment from fossil fuels with the passage of Green New Deal Legislation, public takeover of utilities, and local outreach and education. 

  • Chair: Ben E.
  • Contact: TBA

Healthcare Committee

DSA is working with a coalition of local groups and the California Nurses Association to fight for single-payer healthcare. We are pushing to enact HR 1384, the Medicare For All of 2019 Act, which would create a Medicare-for-All type system that covers everybody in the United States with no copays or deductibles. We have been knocking on doors, tabling at farmers’ markets, creating memes, holding town halls, meeting with legislators, and doing actions at their offices.

Housing Committee

This committee was started to help protect renters by fighting for rent control and just cause evictions, to do advocacy on housing policy, work on eliminating homelessness, and to ensure that housing is accessible and available to everyone.

The rent control campaign in Sacramento is a collective effort between DSA, ACCE, Tenants Together and other organizations. We are working to help renters in Sacramento become activists in order to get the city to place protections for those for renters. We want to ensure that no one loses their home because of unfair evictions or rent increase.

Housing Now is a coalition of statewide organizations that advocates for housing policies that affect everyone in the state. Issues include legislation on tenant protections, repealing laws that hurt tenants, and fighting laws that give landlord more power. The groups also help others with campaigns to get rent control or just cause eviction laws in their city.

International Committee

While living in the United States and acknowledging it as the most powerful imperialist hegemon on earth, the International Solidarity Committee of Sacramento DSA understands the necessity of linking struggles of the U.S. working class with those who struggle against imperialism and the military-corporate complexes that benefit capitalists across the globe. This committee takes an explicit stance against oppressive state violence, including both police and military actions. The mission of this committee shall henceforth be; 1. to promote education about international issues, 2. to express solidarity and support with international working class and anti-colonial struggles for self-determination abroad, and 3. to reject imperialism in all its forms as a barrier to the advancement of socialism.

Labor Committee

Want to learn about and get support in building power in your workplace to make real change for you and your co-workers? Join the Labor Committee at our next meeting.

Media & Communications Committee

The mission of the Media & Communications Committee is to clearly and effectively communicate the message of Democratic Socialism to all members of the community through graphics, video, and audio to inspire them to take action, fight capitalism and regain power for all people. The committee creates graphics to better promote events and campaigns, and records events with photography and videography. The committee is also involved in facilitating and improving internal communications between members. Reach out if you have skills in these areas and want to help out!

Racial Solidarity Committee

This committee first recognizes the fundamental lesson from the history of earlier populist and leftist efforts to make a more democratic society: that class-based struggle cannot be waged for long while ignoring race and that race-based struggle cannot be waged for long while ignoring class. Raising both race and class consciousness is necessary for a democratic socialist movement to unfold from place-based communities. Only then can organized communities overcome the ideological and material continuation of institutional-structural white supremacy in both U.S. civil society and its social geography. Our committee focuses on dialogue, education, coalition work, and direct action that advances multiracial solidarity as a crucial prerequisite to a united working class. Out of many colors, one class.

Socialist Education Committee

One of the defining features of socialism is the praxis, the meeting of theory and action. The Socialist Education Committee creates events and materials to aid our members in using the history and ideology of the socialist movement as tools in our day-to-day organizing. Every two weeks the Socialist Education Committee holds the Socialist Feminist Reading Group, where we meet to discuss a broad range of topics relating to the history and theory of social movements both past and today.

Socialist Feminist Committee

Our mission is to empower, uplift, and support the rights of all womxn and non-binary people, both locally and globally, through an intersectional socialist feminist perspective. We support and welcome womxn and femmes engaged in the occupation of sex work. We aim to practice our solidarity through direct action, mutual aid, advocacy and education in our communities. We will work to ensure that all chapter work considers womxn’s needs as integral to the socialist project. The feminist committee will work to safeguard and advocate for the health and safety of all womxn and femmes and to recognize, protect, and celebrate womxn and femme’s labor in all spheres.

  • Co-Chairs: Gina P. and Alex L.
  • Contact: TBA